The following are a few World Wide Web sites that we have found useful, and thought that you might find informative, too. If you surf across a useful site, please e-mail it to us, and we will be happy to include it (and give you credit, too, for the discovery!).
With Priceline, you name the price for an airline ticket, home mortgage, or new car, and the site will try to find someone to deliver the merchandise at your price.
Do you like to mountainbike? Then check out the Mountain Bike Daily for trails and races near you, as well as new product reviews.
Everyone is drinking bottled water, but what exactly are you paying all of that money for? The Bottled Water Web gives you detailed listings of water-bottling companies, filtration methods, and the substances in the final bottled water.
Autoconnect gives you used-car listings, instruction on how to buy a used car, and a test to help you determine which car is best for you.