To many people, the Catskills are synonymous with great fishing. Whether you're fishing for stripers in the Hudson, sunnies in a lake, or trout in our icy streams, you're bound to have a great time doing it here in our beautiful mountains and forests.

If you have children along, our lakes offer wonderful family fishing. Colgate Lake, North Lake, Rip Van Winkle Lake, and CD Lane Lake all offer kids an opportunity to catch a whopper without venturing over hill and dale.



A new 116-acre parcel along the Batavia Kill, near Maplecrest, has been opened to fishing. You'll need to get an access pass from the DEP. Call 1-800-575-LAND for information on the passes and other rules.

If you're an adult, you're going to need a license. Don't forget to abide by the NY State Fishing rules and regulations.

North Lake/South Lake is terrific for young fisherpeople because it has a large number of hungry sunnies and crappies. Worms are your best bet.

For top-rate trout fishing, the Beaver Kill is a natural choice. There are a number of guides who will help you bag the big one, and fly fishing accessories can be found at a number of our local stores. The Schoharie is also another terrific place for trout, as is the Esopus Creek. Kevin Berry (Catskill, 518-943-6895), Lenny Millen (Margaretville, 914-586-2220), and Judd Weisberg (Lexington, 518-989-6583) are licensed guides for the Catskills that can be hired to help you find the fish you want.

You can also fish the reservoirs of the area (a personal favorite is the Ashokan), but you'll need a special permit (in addition to the usual fishing license) to fish the reservoirs. Call the Department of Environmental Conservation at 914-657-2304 for information on this point.

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